Im new to Gecko and looking for all info

Found a gecko today doing yardwork.
What should I do? Is it rare? Someone online said it’s a leopard gecko. Can’t find a pic like it. Are they all different? Please help.

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Personally I would say it’s a Albino banded leopard Gecko, but that is just from a quick Google search and could just be the lighting in the picture.

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What does it matter how rare it is?

Buy a few books, learn the basics. :v:

Good question. To me I find it extremely rare. I’m not an expert on Mojave Desert wildlife however the same types of animals grow somewhat familiar. At first I didn’t know any better and started googling blue striped lizards. A reptile website was kind enough to reply it’s a leopard gecko. I was super surprised and never imagined so many types of geckos existed until I found morphmarket. Seeing all the different types and enthusiasm relating to them made me curious. As for now my discovery remains in the yard where I found him. Not knowing made me curious and reluctant to remove it from its home and attempt to or presume I could care for it. Also not knowing I wouldn’t want to let a truly unique animal go neglected.

Thank you eagleboas for the reply.

Here’s another shot. Both were taken outdoors around the middle of the afternoon.

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Have Google of “Mack snow leopard gecko”, that is the closest I can find to what you have found. Good luck with your new garden friend wither way :+1::grin:

Your location would help

Leopard geckos are found in part of Asia, Afghanistan and India

If you are in the US Western Banded Geckos are found in CA, NM, northern Mexico

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That is not a leopard gecko. Coleonyx variegatus. Commonly called the Western Banded Gecko. You mentioned the Mojave Desert, they occur there naturally. The individual in the photo is a juvenile.

Thank you Westridge and all at Morph market. I’m astounded by the vast variety of geckos I’ve learned about over the last couple of days. How true it is that one may never no when inspiration may strike. Into intrigue this instance. Thankfully I stumbled upon this community as I enjoyed a pleasant learning experience.
I am in Southern California about 100 miles from the Colorado River. Summer temperatures can reach 115 for days on end. Winters are cold reaching down to the 30’s. The climate is quite arid. Humorously it seems most wildlife here include desert into their common name. i.e. desert tortoise, desert iguana, etc.
Thank you again

Honestly I just think you should leave it. Unless it is like eating all your plants or other things like that just let them stay there. Also please please please PLEASE don’t keep it as a pet. If you like it search online for leopard geckos and get one from a store or breeder!

3 months later? Lol

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Even though it is a while later, I hope they released the poor little guy. Especially since it is illegal to keep native wildlife in most cases.