Im proud of my boy!

I noticed my sweet boy circling his tank a lot tonight, so i Googled how to tell im my snake is hungry so i offered him his 1st meal at 2:40am and he hit it, it starteled me because i never fed a snake. I just gave him a medium mouse i didn’t want his 1st meal in a while to be difficult. Im so glad he fed. Msybe im becoming a good snake mommy after all.

Im very thankful for everyone here with all the tips and encouragement. I may know a lot about other animals but i had zero experience with snakes.

Im just glad that he ate his 1st meal.


Yaaay, congrats! (I know this is a few days old, but I just saw it.) I’m always nervous about getting new snakes to eat. It took a while to get my sand boa eating, because she came to me as a 9-year-old adult who had only ever been fed live, and I was determined to get her on f/t since I greatly dislike feeding live. In hindsight, it really wasn’t that difficult of a transition compared to what some people experience, as it took less than a month, but I’d never switched a snake to f/t before and she was my first snake since childhood (and my childhood snake was a king snake who was an absolute garbage disposal who would eat anything, anytime, anywhere), so I still found it pretty stressful.

Thankfully my other snake (blood python) was a lot easier. I specifically chose a baby who was already eating f/t with the breeder (I wanted to avoid the stress and uncertainty of switching a snake to f/t again) and she took her first meal for me right away just a few days after she arrived. But I was still super anxious about it right up to the moment she ate it! I was so worried she wouldn’t eat for me.

So yeah, I definitely understand the excitement and relief one feels after getting a new snake to take their first meal with you!