I'm wondering if there's another Gene at play

Hello everyone I have these two girls that are scaleless head double het albino pied and I’m wondering if one of them has an additional Gene so I just thought I would ask you guys what you think

I’m wondering if the girl on the bottom has something else going on…
This is their brother he is a scaleless head double het albino pied as well

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It often happens with hets and DH’s to find patterns or colours extremely changed and intense. If the pairing doesn’t allow for anything additional: I wouldn’t suppose anything’s up, but just blame the double recessive genetics for what you see. :v::wink:

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I can tell you that I have some double het females (Albino Pied) that look just like those when they where younger, same reduced pattern, actually they have no spot at all and same coloration. (obviously coloration has changed now that they are in the 2500 and 3000 grams ranges)

I Martin mention I also found that it is something I have seen in DH animals.