Image loading still not working properly

still a major problem with image loading. Seems to be all other inputs clashing with next/previous image input. So much so that I generally just decide not to even tap anymore. I believe in the video (about halfway through) when it wasn’t as much of an issue doing was because it was the last image in the set so there wasn’t as much clash (possibly).

About the bug

Extremely janky image loading and pinch to zoom.

  1. Tapped images sometimes never load… just get the icon spinning.

  2. single tap shows massive full sized image that is uselessly big and can’t be resized with pinch (single tap returns it to small). Solution - limit tap to expand size (once we’re already in the image viewport. so, the second tap) to 2400px or some such and make sure it’s pinchable. *Side point UNRELATED - for backend this must be taking massive amounts of space saving the original image sizes of 16mp+. But that could be a non-issue.

  3. Anytime there is more than one image, pinching the image bounces it all around the page top top to bottom and changes the image from one image to the next. It’s extremely jarring and makes it very difficult/impossible to use. *Note, when there’s a single image, the pinch to zoom seems to work okay, so I’m assuming this is pinching input clashing with sliding/tap to next image input.

  4. Tap and hold sliding image around with single finger loads next/previous image.

So what seems to be happing here is all of the inputs are being confused for next/previous image input. I’ve made a video that displays the problem. Actually in the video not quite as bad as it often is, but still displays the issues.

About your device

Android 13 Chrome, Pixel 6a

“Simple” possible solution, use already existing code freely available instead of trying to create proprietary coding. There are tons of solutions already out there that work great. The old old old one was nearly perfect (not the previous one where the image loaded in the snake for sale page itself). Tapped and the image loaded in foreground 100% of the time, pinch to zoom worked great. Viewing next/previous image worked great.

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Thank you :blush:

  1. This is a big issue we are working on, and is not just a problem MorphMarket is facing, but nearly many many site.

With the improvements in smartphones cameras, especially over the past couple of years, images are getting ridiculously large. This is why whatsapp, tiktok, Facebook and even Instagram (which is a photography app and probably one of the worst offenders) compress uploads to potato quality.

We tried that and people shouted at us that pictures taken on their equivalent of the James Webb telescope are ever so slightly reduce quality :sweat_smile:

So we now show the full res image when tapped. This makes sellers happy, but makes buyers less likely to purchase from them (because who is waiting 60+ seconds for one image to load?).

Reducing the file size if your images will make your ads (as a seller) load much faster for buyers.

  1. This is related to the above and something we are actively fixing (again)

  2. You are correct. Pinch and swipe are currently not playing well together

  3. I think there may be additional confusion here because Android Chrome also has “gesture” swiping, that can take you back and forward a page. Depending on where your fingers land on the screen and the direction you pinch to zoom, Chrome may be interpretating the touches also.

Can you please head into your device settings and search for “Show taps and touches” under screen recording settings and turn it on. Then add a 10 second clip here of where you are tapping? :pray:

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Open it on your cell phone, it should have the same behavior for you. It’s a mess in all aspects. Images jumping around, switching to the next image when pinching, images not loading at all, Inability to pinch the full res smaller. It’s an absolute mess.

Finally! After 5 month so or so, after much berating and rudish language by me, you got it done. A properly working image loader! Good job. Everything appears fixed and working well.

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