IMG Progression Photo Log

I only have 1 young IMG that’s pretty new to me, so take what I say with that in mind. I chose genes that won’t have her turn all black. Those are, being from a pastel line and hypo. She’s jungle too and I feel like jungle does reduce the black of IMG on the top a little but allows the sides still go black. That’s just from what I’ve seen in ads and social media, though. I’m sure there are selectively bred IMG at this point that go black with no help from other morphs as well.

I do want a super dark IMG someday. From what I’ve seen, most of the heavily patterned morphs combined with IMG makes really dark animals. Motley is a pretty sure bet like Riley said. Aztec seem to get very dark with IMG and I’ve see a few arabesque that go very dark close to solid black as well.

I’d bet your Arab gets super dark with time.


Yeah, one reason why I wasn’t overly keen on getting pattern-changing morphs combined with IMG (despite loving morphs like arabesque, jungle, Aztec, etc.) is that I figured the IMG would eventually overpower them and the pattern would end up pretty faint, if it remained at all. Maybe I was wrong about that though, I’m hardly an expert.

@amacioce, I’ll definitely be interested to see how your girl matures and how much pattern she retains.


Updating the thread because Nova shed today (4/10/2024)! She did NOT want to sit still for pictures lol. But I have one full body picture and some in her enclosure to try and capture some iridescence. I can’t tell if she’s lost more of her pattern or not, but she’s beautiful regardless :black_heart: Nova is also officially 9 months old as of yesterday! I will continue to update after each shed, and I’ll probably update on her birthday as well, just because :blush:


Nova is very beautiful! All of the snakes in the thread are lovely. I enjoy progression threads. Keep those pics coming!