IMG Progression Photo Log

I saw this idea posted in the corn snake thread with a different morph (credit to @metalheadreptiles ) and I thought it would be neat to document Nova’s progression as she ages. I haven’t seen any progression photos of the IMG gene. All I’ve seen are babies with varying degrees of black, or adults. I absolutely love the IMG gene and part of what I love about it is how it changes over time. I’m really hoping Nova ends up solid black, but until then I thought I’d create a thread to share some pictures of her and to hopefully show off the progression of the IMG gene. Nova is an IMG Motley 100% het Anery for those interested in specifics. This is the first photo I have of her, taken by the breeder on July 19, 2023


And here is a picture of Nova after her first shed with me on September 19, 2023

I plan to update this thread either after Nova sheds, or after important milestones (6 months, 1 year, etc.). Let me know if this is something y’all are interested in!


She’s lovely! I’d definitely love to watch her grow up and develop her adult coloration.

Back on the old cornsnakes forum, I had individual progression threads for all of my snakes. I love the idea. It’s neat to see how individual morphs change as they grow.


I for one am! It crazy how much darker she got within just two months time! Keep those updates coming please! She is stunning already btw! :+1::clap::sunglasses:


My biggest draw to IMG is watching one progress. I’ll be tagging along and looking forward to seeing how Nova ages. Looks to have gotten darker already!

I’d love to see shed picture updates personally but whatever you decide to share will be awesome.

With the motley and het anery involved, I think you’ve got a great chance of having a VERY black snake as she matures :+1:


@solarserpents I’ve noticed that corn snakes in general go through quite a drastic color shift as they age, and I find that fascinating!

@smite I would love to post pictures after each shed, but I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested in that. Luckily it seems there’s quite a bit of interest! Sometimes I forget that here in the forums, I’m not the “crazy snake girl” lol and y’all are just as excited about snakes as I am :blush:


Me too, but now there’s a bit too many to reasonably do that so gotta condense. :upside_down_face:

I always love progression threads!!! I say bring it on. :muscle: