Import from UK to US help

Looking for suggestions on who to use for import from the UK to the US. A couple of places schedules are done for the year. Another place I talked to isn’t shipping again until after October. This is my first time so would like opinions of who to use or stay away from. Very special lavender girl coming to me and I would like to get her here sooner than later!


As of now.
It’s very hard to get from the uk to the us and vice versa. Health checks needed, documents etc.

Been chatting on groups about this recently and they’re making it very hard now…

I’d make sure breeder knows what they’re doing, and check with the couriers, unsure if they do but ask ddi (Dutch dragon imports).


@akmorphs … Any input here?


DDI wants me to find someone else to get the gecko from the UK to Europe. So that is a backup plan. I contacted Colubra and it sounds like they can do both which would probably be easiest but they won’t ship again until atleast October. I have a hold on this gecko but if this is going to be impossible then I would rather get my money back before I pay the remainder.

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@m_sutt most places will not be doing an export until September/October so that time frame is correct.

DDI is requesting you to have your seller have a courier deliver the animal. Couriers in the UK need about a 3/4 week notice and they get booked up pretty quickly.

I’d reach out to: All Pets Courier, Reptile Courier EU, Rapid Reptile Courier just to name a few

You should be able to ask your seller who he uses as a courier and see if he can get someone scheduled for the Hamm show.


Thank you for the help! I think I found a place where I can get on the list for October :slightly_smiling_face: