Important! Is this a mite?

I noticed a black spot under the belly scale of my corn. Is it a mite? It’s the only spot visible on her body.

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Can you take a picture in focus?


I hope this is high enough focus.


It looks a little long to be a mite, but honestly I can’t tell for sure sorry! A couple things though, mites look like the tiniest of baby spiders to me, usually black but can be reddish-brown, probably do to feeding. If alive you can see them move with the naked eye. Let your snake go through your hands slightly closed around its body(like a tunnel) and look at your hands for pepper like specks. Also move the snakes bedding immediately and do quarantine style to easily see mites on the white paper towel and in the water dish. Also you can look around the eyes, nostrils, chin and vent area where mites sometimes gather. Good luck, let us know as soon as you do. There is also a lot of mite eradicating info here in the community as well to start going over if you wish.


Thank you for the advice, will do!


Actually imho I think it is a mite, albeit a rather large one. It looks like it is imbedded like a mite would be while feeding on your snake. I would give your snake a good soak immediately. If it is truly a mite, it will drown in the water and you will see it floating. If you smash it in your fingers it should show red.

Of course I could be way wrong. But a soak will not hurt anything.

Keep us updated and other opinions will come along.


Real hard to tell with these pictures. But I would definitely do what has been stated already. Both @caron @banereptiles have good steps to take.


Run your fingernail over it. If it’s a mite it will pop and leave a blood smear.