Imported vs farm breed

I have started searching for a emerald tree boa and I’m wondering what the pros and cons are it the types of ways they are born being mostly imported with some farm breed

Farm breed and imported are basically the same thing. Most farm breed reptiles are just gravid wild caught reptiles they hold until they give birth.

For Emerald tree boas I would just get a captive born and breed baby from a reputable breeder. It’s not worth the headaches with dealing with wild caught ones. Most do not do well and die.


I second this. Very rarely do wild caughts thrive. Such a beautiful snake in person.


I agree that getting a CBB emerald is the way to go. Farm-bred animals usually come with all the same potential problems and risks as wild-caught imports, as I understand it. CBB may have a higher sticker price, but it will likely save you a lot of stress and money in vet bills, plus a CBB emerald is a lot more likely to actually survive and thrive with proper care.

Emeralds are beautiful! I hope you’re able to find a gorgeous one and get to enjoy it for many years to come!


Ok what about long term captives I found one that is absolutely stunning

As long as its doing well and not regurgitating food id say your good to go.

Depends on what they mean by “long-term”. I see a lot of people saying they have had the snake for only 2 months and call it a long term captive. They usually don’t even treat them for internal parasites. I wouldn’t cut corners and get any wild caught or imported animals. If you want a healthy animal that doesn’t require vet bills, then get a CBB one. That and supporting wild caught flipping is bad for the hobby.

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being that he’s been in captivity for almost 3 years and is only being sold because the seller is moving on and is in the same price range as cbb and I only am picking him because I think he looks cool I don’t think this is “cutting corners” and he’s eating frozen rats weekly

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3 years healthy and eating is a great sign

Is the person selling him reputable? I personally wouldn’t put big bucks into a snake from someone I can’t have some form of trust with. At least with a good CBB baby with from a breeder with good reputation you have some sort of guarantee.

How is it supporting wild caught when hes buying a long term captive? Loki isnt buying it from a farmed or wild caught person in the trade. Its ok to be cautious but to just assume someone is lying isn’t good either. You can tell a healthy adult when you see one too.

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He said long term captive. He didn’t say how long. There are many people that say long term captive and only have them for a couple months. Unless you can meet in person, and only go on pictures with someone that has no reputation then you can never really be sure you won’t get scammed.

Loki said 3 years. Im assuming loki knows what hes doing and can get a look at the animal but thats on the buyer to practice due diligence. Im just saying in my opinion that it doesnt mean loki is supporting wild trade.

He said that after the first post you replied to from me. He might not be supporting wild caught animals, but it is still safer to go with a CBB. Pretty sure I found the ad in question and the seller has no history. And they are far from the the west coast.

I agree, CBB is definitely is the way to go. They’re truly majestic snakes to watch.

3 years in captive and eating frozen thawed rats that’s great. As long as it’s all true info about the ETB and you are fine with the cost of the boa. Go for it if its really the type of boa you want. CBB would be better still in my opinon.

Ask for new clear pictures of the ETB. Full body, head and vent pics. Post them here and we can give you are opinion if the boa is healthy.

Make sure you know how to take care of it properly. Or at least be reading up on good care sheets now. Remember ETB are more of a display animal not one that is a pet to taken out all the time.

Take care