In memory of Moustachio

On this day four years ago i brought home my beautiful hybrid/scaleless rat snake, jokingly named Mr. Moustachio.
He was a very skittish and kooky little guy, and i was always afraid to hold him because he was so small that i felt i could break him with one simple mistake. (That and he liked to kamikaze off of my hands whenever i did hold him.)
One day a year and a half down the road i came home from work to find he had passed away. I don’t know what did it, and I’ll probably never know for sure.

I know that in this hobby, many of us (breeders specifically) deal with death a lot more often than we would like to, but I’m not a breeder. Mr. Moustachio was my pet and i had been keeping for little more than a couple of years at the time. It hit me really hard. He was so young when it happened and i had no idea anything was wrong. Moreso because it had happened on the tail end of another death with my first boa due to gross mishandling during delivery by fed ex, which resulted in an injury that proved to be fatal.

Every year since then i have put up a little memorial on February 4th in his memory. He would have been 4 years old today.

(I use delivery days as birthdays when the real hatch day is unknown)

I know it’s a lot sadder than my usual fun/silly posts, and i almost didn’t want to. But no one i know really cares about the death of a snake. I know everyone here is different though. I would be grateful for anyone of you who would join me in remembering Mr. Moustachio.

Rest in peace lil buddy, happy birthday.


The death of any animal that you love is very difficult and sad but when you don’t have anyone who understands and cares and shares it with you makes it even worse. I am sorry for your loss and heartache. I am sure there will be many others to come along with the same sentiments. But I do believe in Rainbow Bridge for all animals……:heart::snake:


Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. He was adorable. Thanks for sharing his pics with us.


I am sorry that you lost Mr. Moustachio so young, and so unexpectedly. It says much about your heart that you still remember him with love. I’m truly sorry for your loss. Time does blunt the initial pain, but so often some ache remains. May Mr. Moustachio, your sweet little friend, rest in peace.


I realize I’m late to the party, but having a pet snake pass away is painful. I’ve had that happen myself in the past.

May your pal be in happiness at rainbow bridge.


Thank you. Late or not, i appreciate it. I hope he is thriving up there. Exploring everything without pain or fear.