In Theory Crossbreeding

I want to start this off by saying this is 100% hypothetical and simply for brainstorming. My and my husband were talking about morphs the other days and got curious.

We know CRB and BRB can be bred together and sometimes create interesting colors although not as bold as purebred BRB’s. Both have their own morphs but it brought into question.

If you had a normal BRB that bred to an albino or anery CRB, would the offspring be het?

Or would the offspring be capable of carrying a morph from the CRB side over to BRB?

Again this is all for curiosity sake! No breeding plans for this, just curious.

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I’d take my answer with the grainiest grain of salt ever because I am by no means an expert, but I think…maybe? I know that in order to have that happen, the strain of albino would need to be compatible between both species, and so if that is the case, the typical het rules would apply. I believe that sort of hybrid transference is how certain morphs crossed between different types of milks/kings if I am remembering correctly.

I’d wait to see what someone much more in-the-know about this stuff says first though!

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Yep. For a more commonly known example would be something like how a corn snake can pass on morphs such as tessera into cal kings. But you do have to remember if you do, some may see it as controversial and not purchase it and even if they do, what stops the person you sell it to to lie and label it “pure”. I personally would be happy to support you as I think that some of the normal 50/50 Colombian Brazilian is better looking than either of the pure ones. I think it would be really cool to see personally.

And I know you said you weren’t going to breed but just put that in there for if do ever end up going that route :wink:


Most likely that went the other way around. The corn snake sector is split about 50/50 on whether it was a spontaneous mutation or if it’s actually the stripe gene from Cal Kings. We’ll probably never have an answer on that because there is already a lot of Cal King and Emoryi blood floating around in Corns. On that same note, the Albino gene in Corn Snakes is compatible with the Albino Gene in Cal Kings.