In your honest opinion what does it male ll look like visually


I have very little information on this guy visually what does he look like to you just trying to get a general idea so when he produces offspring I have some idea what to expect


I’d say super Mojave with a ringer.

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Super Mojave is in the blue eyed Lucy complex, so I’d this were a super Mojave this snake would have blue eyes, a darker headstamp, and a greyish look overall.

It response to the ID request, this is a Champagne combo. I’m not 100% on the entire makeup, but the headstamp and ringer give it away. Champagne is notorious for ringers such and this animal’s, and the headstamp is classic for a combo. I’ll do some digging and see if I can find anything that looks similar, but at the very least you have a champ.

After some digging I’ve narrowed it down, and it looks like this boy is Champagne Lesser/Butter hypo poss pastel. Quite a nice combo, and he could be het pied but champ has a tendency to throw ringers in non het pied animals.


As was noted in your original post, your animal is a Champagne combo of some type. Once your babies leave their eggs and shed out then we will be able to better help you with identification


I would say it’s Mojave rather than butter/lesser based on color also pastel and obviously champagne as well lol
And for me it’s a no on hypo judging by these pictures.

So my guess would be pastel champagne Mojave


Agree w pastel, champagne and some other lightening pattern reducing gene but not anything ivory or BEL. And as has been said post shed pics of babies will help.