Including Cover Animal Morph in Category? [4673]

I see that the cover animal pictures for the MM categories were updated, and first and foremost the new pictures are GORGEOUS.

Is there any way in a note or something within the category main page to list the morph/line/varient shown in the image?

For example here is what I see when I open MM

And I see that rat snake and I go WOAH WHAT IS THAT!! And I search through every subcategory in rat snakes to find something similar and can’t because it maybe isn’t available, or is very rare, or has a morph name I don’t know what to look for.
Same with like the boa constricter (I assume hypo?). I’m drawn to the category by the image shown, and I think it would be beneficial to list somewhere what the morph/type of the cover image animal is, if feasible :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The current rat snake thumbnail image is a bamboo rat snake and appears to be the coxi subspecies. There are some currently on the market as well it looks like.

I like the idea to list the description of the image too!


I was going to find out what they all were for you but @scissortailscales made this a challenge… enjoy :yum:

Feature request noted!


For subcategories/traits the images are the first image from the Morphpedia, so you can always find out what they are.

If it doesn’t have an image yet, the Morphpedia article has not been published and we need assistance :wink:


I had the same feeling when I saw the “other python” category and the “milk snake” category! Lol!


I like the idea of IDing the morphs for the sake of people who are new to MorphMarket . I spend a (some might say, but they’d be wrong) ridiculous amount of time looking at Morphpedia articles & MM listings for species I don’t currently keep. It’s fun!! But not everybody has that time, and new users may benefit from the ID info. Either way, I like the new look!