Incoming new Gene ! :D

Super excited for my new pickup should have it in about a month.

Any guesses what new gene this is?
4 genes and 100% Het Clown at play here.


Scaleless head, black head, Enchi, fire?

Thats a sick ass eyestripe.

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Cryptic combo? Het Clown.

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1.0 Cryptic GHI Enchi YB 100% Het Clown

Is cryptic recessive or incomplete dominant?

Very nice!!


The short answer is, yes. Different breeders have found the gene to act differently in reproduction. More work will be needed to determine exactly what is going on. I personally think there are 2 separate genes at play

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That’s pretty cool! Can’t wait to see what people produce

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My buddy has a inc dom type of the gene.

Just seen all the debates of it so curious