Increasing Trust level

Good morning/afternoon. I would like to ask about the means of elevating my trust level. I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with the necessary steps.


Type in the search trust levels click on the frequently asked questions post and scroll down to the understanding trust levels link everything you need should be there.


i cant click on the link, its blocked. (I’m on a school computer)


Here’s a copy/paste from the trust level article:

  • The level is NOT based on ratings from sellers; however, it IS positively impacted through confirmed purchases from breeders through our inquiry system.
  • Generally levels will stay at the same value or go up. They will rarely go down.
  • Make sure you’ve filled out the required fields on your User Profile such as your name. These are “free points” like writing your name on the test. Although, soon this will be required for all users in order to send inquiries, and thus not have an impact on levels.