Incubation ball pthon eggs

So ive seen videos from breeders that kind of have conflicting information. Sometimes i see breeders say you need to occasionally check on your eggs to make sure they have fresh air and ive also seen videos where the breeder says they put the eggs in the incubator and leave them till its time to cut/hatch. My current plan is to leave the eggs alone and check on day 30 and then again around day 55 or 56 but other than that leave the be but i wanted to get some advice from more experienced people to see if i should be checking more or maybe even not at all?

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It’s good to check maybe once a week for issues but that shouldn’t require opening the egg box unless you see something you need to fix like excessive mold or dehydrated eggs.

Otherwise agree with the “put them in a press-n-sealed box and don’t open it until day 50ish” advice. Around day 50 I leave a corner hole in case they hatch early.


Out of curiosity, i have done some searching on this topic in the past. I have found that everyone has their own thoughts on this, and they all say it is the best way. Open weekly, dont open, leave sealed, leave an opening, never mess with, check regularly. Even temps will be all over the place as to the best temp to keep them at.

There are several videos out ther from known breeders, and they all seem to say something different and it is the best way.

I guess as long as the temps dont change too much and there is enough humidity, and the eggs stay dry, you will get the same outcome. I can’t say what is best and will not make suggestions. As i dont want someone to come back on me that my advice or way is wrong or killed all the eggs.


It depends on your experience level I think. I’ve done it for so many years it’s not something I give much thought to. I know exactly how my incubator behaves.

I put 6 or 7 paper towels in the bottom of a 6qt tub, add water, put the eggs in it on top of a light diffuser, put press n seal over the tub, put the lid on, and I don’t check them until I pull the press n seal on day 48. That’s worked flawlessly for the last thousand or so babies I’ve produced.

Even with the press n seal, if you have a bad egg, you’ll smell it.