Incubation temperatures

Hi all, this temperature question has been bugging me for a good while and I thought I’d get me some opinions and maybe some advice. I’ve heard that incubation temperatures can influence the sexes of the future hatchlings during the incubation time. A few years ago, when my ball python females laid their eggs I kept the temperature at exactly 88F. I did have an even male/female balance. So what’s behind this statement that temperatures can influence the sexes??

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In some species yes but not with ball pythons at least not that I have experience in the last 10+ years and I have incubated low and high.

But if it is possible and it has been documented I would love to see a study and see what the sample size was.


It is my understanding that snakes in general cannot be temperature sexed, that their sexes are determined by XX/XY chromosomes just like with mammals. Chelonians, at least some lizards, and crocodilians can be temperature sexed.