Incubator Fan Setup

Hobbyist and future breeder here, so bear with me.

How do you set up your incubator fan? Do they need to run all the time? Is it crazy to tie them into the thermostat circuit?

I’m happy with how my incubator tested, but I know I need a fan. What setup do you recommend?

**One note, I am planning to move my thermostat prob to a shelf vs the heat strip. I have tested it off the heat strip and am happier with setup, just no pic to show that update.


With the size of your incubator I would not even have bother with a fan to be honest.

The principal is to have them so there is no hot spot and the air keeps moving so if you want to use it I would recommend having it on a dimmer.

One thing you want to do to help air circulate as well has heat is get rid of those shelves and replace them with wire shelves.


Yup, makes sense. Thank you for the insight. @stewart_reptiles

This is probably a foolish question, but I’ll ask anyway: Is there any specialty shelving shortcut to wire shelves?

I’m actually already thinking in mind how I can fashion one myself if need be. If there is a quicker, simpler way I’d be interested to know. I run restaurants for a living and deal with many reach-in coolers, I might have some options of my own as well.


The ones I use for my incubator are shelving sold at Home Depot (usually used in closets and laundry rooms), they come in different depth and length and are easy to cut, just need to install and secure them.


Gotcha, I know exactly what you are speaking of. Glad I asked now. Matter of fact in the third pic above, you can see some wire shelving between the incubator and downpipe. I’ll get the grinder out and get to work.



Egg crates? They are open to air all around them cut them to size and BOOM YOUR GOOD TO GO :joy:

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Spent a little time with the grinder and I got the shelves in place.


Looking good and it will be much better when it comes to air circulation.