Incubator Help

In a bit of a jam. Ordered incubator from Cserpents 6 weeks ago and not here yet said it will be at least another 2 weeks and eggs are due in a week or 2. Any ideas on what I can use until it come or should I leave them in with mother? Stressed out. Never expected it to take that long to come in.


If you know any breeders in your area, you may see if they have some available incubator space temporarily.

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You could make one from a cooler & heat tape if you can buy heat tape and a thermostat in your area. Should work short term at least, just make sure egg bins aren’t in direct contact with the heat tape on bottom.

Ideally if you can also add a small fan to blow over the heat tape to help with hot spots and temperature swings

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You could look online locally and see if someone is selling a small incubator to use for now or look up diy incubators on line their are all kinds of things you can use to try and get something going fairly quick. Some may look crazy lol but if it works it works

I did my first 2 years of breeding out of a Styrofoam cooler that my frozen rats shipped in with an old heating mat, thermostat, and computer fan. Worked really well actually and cost me nothing.

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I used this design from Reach Out Reptiles last year with great success (still waiting to use it this year): DIY Reptile Egg Incubator, cheap and easy incubation for success! - YouTube

Currently I have it set up with a 50qt cooler (improved from last year) and a Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heater (got mine from petco).

Edit: I just have the egg box sitting on a wire cooling/cookie rack, with the little fold-able legs, but you could use bricks or heavy ceramic mugs. Just needs to be sturdy and flat.

Why not just buy a hovabator I’m sure you can get them locally for like 70 dollar(my local farm and feed sells them)Then you don’t have to make anything and have a working incubator.

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Will a 6qt tub fit in?

Yes I have used them numerous times to incubate ball python clutches.

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Since I’m moving and have eggs in my current incubator I ordered heat tape from reptilebasics (delivered in like 3 days) and have set it up inside an igloo ice chest with a raised cookie rack inside to put my eggs in it and act like a temporary incubator.