Incubator info

What is the best thermostat and substrate to use for incubator? I acquired a possibly gravid female over the weekend and we didnt know it until pick up. If she lays it wont be until end of June. I have done research but im getting confilcting info. So what do yall recommend. Best thermostat? Vermiculite v. Hatchrite? What should the tempa and humidity be in the incubator?

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Cant go wrong with Herpstat or VE thermostats. I use Herpstats on everything. As far as substrate, I have only ever used vermiculite and it has always worked fine. However, this season I am going to give perlite a shot with the egg crate light diffuser. It looks like it will be less messy when they start to hatch. Good luck with whatever you decide.


I love the herpstat or Vivarium Electronic. I also use hatchrite because there is no guess work… lol. It is more expensive than a bag of perlite but for small number of clutches it isn’t too bad. I use 6 qt tubs. temp in my incubator is set for 89 degrees, and the humidity is practically 100%. I use press n seal over the top before putting the lid on. just don’t want the condensation dripping on the eggs. I alsoput my eggs directly on the substrate instead of using a grate.


I’ve been using wet paper towels for years so it’s not exactly something that factors in in a big way. Use what you’re most comfortable with so that you aren’t stressed out about that detail during incubation.

Definitely use press n seal on top of the tub, under the lid, and don’t put holes in the tub. It eliminates a LOT of small issues that can cause problems for inexperienced breeders. The eggs don’t need air exchange until close to hatch. I pull the press n seal off at day 50. I have friends who leave it on until day 55 and have no issues even if the snakes pip.