Incubator recommendation

Can I get some recommendations for incubators to use. :thinking:

With a little work (don’t have to be carpenter knowledgeable) you can use an old fridge, wine cooler, beverage cooler, or anything along that line. Jast add heat tape and a thermostat. You just need to run the tape along the inside back, top and bottom. If possible, along the sides will also work. Some add pc fans to help move the air to keep a constant temp. But this may not be needed if temps are the same throughout. You can add water bottles to help even out the temps and keep it steady.

Styrofoam coolers can also work. To be honest, a rack can work if you can keep the temps stable. To help, you can hang plastic over the front and back to help keep the heat in.

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I agree with @d_y_python i use a glass fronted wine cooler, that way you can check the temps without losing any heat by opening the door, with heat mats that run from top to bottom. I didn’t add any kind of fans though, last year I produce over 200 beardies using this incubator with only 2 eggs that didn’t make it.


That’s awesome thanks for sharing with the picture and breakdown!