Incubator recommendations

So ive been looking at afew incubators, and got mixed reviews on some of them.

Can anyone recommend any that are not in the 200 price range but are worth getting, OR what other incubators would you recommend??

I’ve also seen these tubs that you put sub in the bottom but how do you keep them at temperature its basically a tupperware tub with a rack inside and a thermometer.

Any advice is much appreciated :pray:

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For breeding 1-2 females I recommend the Hova-bater (May have misspelled that), ideally paired with a thermostat. Get the model that doesn’t rotate the eggs.

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you could make one for about 50 dollars. Wickens wicked reptiles made a video on how to make it and they seem to work well. haven’t made one yet but will be pretty soon.

If your just going to be breeding leo’s and your on a budget your best options are DIY or the Vevor incubator, generally you can get it for around $100 shipped and it works pretty well. DIY is basically a cooler you add water to as well as an aquarium heater, then set the eggs above in a rack system.

Thanks for the replies guys, i think im going to go down the DIY cooler box route looks the easiest out of them all apart from splurging big money (which will come in time)