Incubator temperature spike, are my eggs doomed?

So to keep it brief I have 3 leo eggs in the incubator (set to 28°) This morning between 9-10am I went to check on them and saw that the temperature had shot up to 41° as the curtain wasn’t closed and its been a very sunny morning. I’m not sure how long they were at this temperature but from what I’ve seen online, the eggs most likely won’t survive :cry:

Obviously I’m continuing to incubate as normal now and keeping my fingers crossed. But if anyone has had an experience like this and can confirm my fears or not that would be amazing.

How long have they been incubating for? I think it could go either way, they might be just fine, and they might die. I honestly think that they might just be fine if it was only for hours and not days, but I haven’t had experience with fluctuations.

Thanks for responding! One clutch from the 26th of may the single egg was laid a week ago. I’ve noticed a dent appear in the newest, but the other 2 seem fine at the moment. I’m hoping it was only an hour or 2 at most there seems to not be a lot of info about fluctuations on the web that I can find, so I’ll update this thread if with the results.

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An update for anyone stumbling upon this:

Its looking like all 3 pulled through! I’ve seen movement in the 2 older eggs and the newest one still seems to be developing as normal, no sign of any going bad.

I’ll update again if/when they hatch! :smile: