Incubator thermostat settings

Hi All,

Hopefully i will be incubating my first clutch this year and i am attempting to prepare and test my equipment as much as i can. I have the incubator on a habistat thermostat set to 32C however the temperature inside the egg box however is reading more than that around 35/36. Would it be ok to drop the probe temperature so that inside the egg box is 32C. Might sound like a stupid question but better safe than sorry.

Also, whilst the thermostat is set to 32. I have a digital thermometer, infra red gun, gallium thermometer all reading different temperatures. Which to i trust?? (all of the temperatures are from the same place in the incubator.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advanced! :grin:

What to trust will depend on the way you set things up some people place their probe directly on the heat tape and adjust their t-stat based on the temps in their egg tub, some will place the probe directly in an egg tub.

I recommend setting up a dummy tub in your incubator (setup like any egg tub minus the eggs) where you place your t-stat prob as well as a small digital thermometer.

The reason for the dummy tub (without eggs) is simple, towards the end of incubation the temperature in an egg box full of eggs will rise and you do not want it to affect your t-stat and therefore the temp in all your other egg box

Keep in mind that it will also be normal to have a small differential between the top and bottom of your incubator if you have a large incubator.

As for placement here it is.


Hi, Thanks for your reply. I already have a dummy tub in my incubator with vermiculite i will place my probe on the mat and adjust the temp to test out when i get home. Will i need to lower the temp of the t-stat towards the end of the incubation to compensate for the heat from the eggs?

A dummy tub should not have eggs in it, if it does eggs it will impact your temperatures towards the end and therefore your t-stat which means if you have other clutches it will affect the temp in those egg boxes.

Now if this is your only clutch you are fine and there is nothing to do the t-stat will adjust your temperatures itself.

Just wanted to say thank you all for your help. I now have 6 healthy hatchlings all eating and shedding as they should :slight_smile: