Indian smooth scaled sand boa care?

Yea and that’s what’s so fun and rewarding about them you can get tons of variance even in normals you can breed for high Contrast and brighter orange but especially with paradox they’re all unique

But the idea that some people haven’t seen the Arabian sand boa is a bummer image

The derpiest of all


Omg yes!! They are the best with those eyes on literally the tops of their heads. Derpy to the extreme and very very cute. Do you have any? Are those pics yours?

No I wish I’ve only seen em in books and online I don’t think too many people have them

Also in my book it says they require big night drops in temperature and they don’t have many in captivity but it’s an old book so idk If thats still true

I don’t see why’d they would need the drop if they are eating and such normally without it. Sounds like trying to replicate the desert environment…

I think the Arabian peninsula gets coldish at night but I’m not sure they’re a super strange snake though and probably deserve their own genus they are one of the 3 egg layers with the Saharan sand and calabar python/boa.

But shoutout to the original The living boas book from like 1999 for the knowledge

jerry g walls with the facts

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