Indian smooth scaled sand boa care?

I just got a sunset Indian sand boa from BHB reptiles she’s really pretty. if anyone else has them or has had them please let me know if there are any tips or secrets for keeping these guys(Or just show off your own) I’ve kept Kenyans and rough scaled sand boas but this is my first smooth scaled


Gorgeous snake! I can’t say anythjng really for sure for care unfortunately. Off the cuff would assume care is the same as a sand but that’s just a guess.

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Thank you. I was kind of thinking the same thing these just don’t seem to be half as common as the Kenyans and it’s harder to find care sheets and stuff but for now I’m treating em just like my rough scaled because they share a range

Or I know they are both at least found in India I don’t know if they technically Share a range or not

Keep us (me) updated. I’m just getting into Sands as a breeder. Love Sands and have seen a couple of these on the market from time to time. Would be interested in seeing just how similar they are.

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Yea for sure I will keep you posted I’m really excited to see how she does here I had been seeing BHB’s add on morph market for a while teasing me too lol I had to get her

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So far what I’ve noticed in her short 5-6 hours being here is that she is much braver than the rough scaled sand boas. She explored her new tub much more than they did and she also ate 2 frozen thawed fuzzies right out of my hand (despite being listed as eating live fuzzies) and In the daylight at that! My roughies won’t eat frozen thawed at all and they won’t eat live until I turn the lights out. So that’s a really good sign I guess she’s comfortable. I’m so stoked to have her eating already.

You thinking she might need a bigger tub since she’s already proven more active? Amazing she’s so ready to eat in front of you and f/t. Most of my Sands won’t eat unless they are in their feeding container and covered up. Lights on and off don’t matter though.

And I know that ad!!! I was so tempted to get her myself, but glad she’s got a good home :slight_smile:

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I’m not worried about it right now that tub is a little bigger than it might look it’s the VE 108-11 from reptile basics I am getting some VE 108-23 tubs from them for the other female sand boas and she will eventually go into and grow out of those as these are the biggest species of sand boa but right now she’s super comfy and content in that tub

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Yeah was hard to tell size. I keep my Sands in sorta big tanks/tubs (average ten gallon) because I like the idea of giving options for different substrate digging options and such. But I know they are also perfectly content in smaller tubs to. When I start breeding I’ll definitely be downsizing lol

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and BHB still has one more female available

Gf has put me on a strict no more snake buying rule. With 14 snakes she’s the boss at what the limit is. As much as I’d love to have another…

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That’s not too bad of a number to work with lol you can do a lot with that

We currently have 3 Sands, two boys and one female, a Black King, a ball, and my main project of 11 corns. Sands I’m going for paradox and with my corns going for Tessera. Wanna play with corn genes mostly but GF got into Sands and wants to breed them at least once.

you should do proper quarantine for 3 months first

Lol I was asking for advice on this specific species if anyone has kept them before. Not asking for advice on new snakes in general. I’m very aware of the need to quarantine a new snake she’s in that rack by herself. The other tubs you see with substrate in them only store substrate not other snakes but thanks for your concern

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But that’s a good collection I love the snow paradox stuff with the Kenyans I considered getting into some of the morphs with them but I like the weirdness of the Indian sand boa I’m not huge on the morphs as much as just having obscure species like I’d love to one day own Arabian sand boas, Russian sand boas, central Asian sand boas, west African sand boas, tartar sand boas, javelin sand boas and all the ones I might’ve left out they all deserve a place in our hobby I hope they get to become more popular especially as people shift exclusively to racks and tubs sand boas thrive as much or more than any species in that kind of set up

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As much as I love the derps that are sand boas I probably wouldnt have gotten into them it not for my gf. I love Active snakes that you can have in tubs or tanks, that explore up and down. Corns just fit that niche so well.

That being said Sands of any kind are wonderfully diverse. Been considering trying hybrids between species. I know it’s controversial but it’s something Id like to try and see what’s produced. Even if it’s just once.

Yea I have 1 pair of corns that are both between 15-20 years old They’re awesome. And I’d like to see that too as long as people can do it while also preserving the different species I’ve only heard of the rufescens X Kenyans actually reproducing but I’ve seen Kenyans and rough scales lock up but never heard of any babies from the pairing it would be interesting

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Yeah it’s what I’ve heard to that they will breed but nothing coming of it. And with hybrids sorta looked down on figured it would be “safer” to just go with paradox since you never know what you’ll get pattern wise.