Indianapolis, Indiana Ball pythons/reptiles

Hi guys I’m going to be in indianapolis indiana from Thursday-Sunday this week, would like some recommendations on places I could go to check out some reptiles (mostly intrested in BPs). I’m looking to get into breeding and would be great to meet someone with some experience in that area and check out some snakes! Shoot me a PM if you know of anyone or if you have some time to meet to show off some of your BPs and talk about reptiles!

I will be honest with you, unless a person has a store front I doubt a private owner breeding out of their property will welcome you a stranger with open arms so you can see their setup and collection.

I know I would not, I don’t even let customer pick thing up at my place, I also don’t post things like my most expensive snake or my snake room and it’s layout online.

It’s not being paranoid it’s being realistic especially in those days, multiple breeders have be victims of break ins from people they knew or people they let in to pickup animals.

People see an easy way to make cash with those animals and it can happen to anyone even if you are not a large scale breeder.

When you breed snakes you are sitting on a sizable/valuable investment that can make you a target.

Either way good luck in finding someone and if you do not that will give you the perspective on why you did not.


I second what Deb said.
Welcome to Indy hope you have a great weekend here!

Now I have way less to show off than most but it’s the same principle, it’s the world we live in. Showing off to someone I don’t know is asking for trouble.

The zoo is open? Is the best I can do. Our reptile expos keep getting cancelled like everywhere else


Yeah good point. Never really thought about that way as I’m not the type of person to ever consider doing it nor do I have my own collection to have considered that for my own yet. We have a small shop in my hometown and wasnt sure if they were any in indy thanks for the info!

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Have you been to the Indy zoo? Nice reptile exhibits? Might consider it!

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It’s pretty good! I’m sure there are some better ones out there but I’ve definitely enjoyed the reptiles

I haven’t been their in a while, but I know last year they added a Black Mamba. :grimacing: Not sure if they added anything else new snake wise, but they might have.

Sounds awesome def going to look into it! Are you from the indianapolis area?

Venomous definetly is not something I’ll ever work with but it’s always cool to see stuff in person that you havent seen before!

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Yes I’ve lived here for 2 years.

I have been in Indy, in the same house, for my whole life (I need to get out more). Sadly we don’t have any really nice reptile shops near here. I do know of some in Indiana, way up North though.

We were one of those burglary victims. I’ll miss a sale before I take the chance again.


We all really need to organize a meet up here in Indy! It would be fun to find a park and bring a ball for show and tell lol

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I know the feeling firsthand. Never doing anything locally ever again. Would rather miss a couple hundred bucks than lose my entire collection like I did any day


Just to add a thought- the pandemic is beginning to accelerate in some areas of the country. I’m not familiar with the situation in that location, but that may be a factor that will make it even less likely people would want to show you their collection.

This is a really cool idea actually maybe we can organize something!