Inexperienced Male Breeding Tips

I have begun introducing my male super snow blizzard with my snow tremper female and things seem to have initially started just as expected. The male showed interest almost immediately with rapid tail vibrations and gentle biting. The female seemed receptive and didn’t run or fight back. However, being a first time breeder, it seems he has no idea how to position himself for copulation. His hemipenes become clearly visible but he never gets close to her cloaca and ends up giving up. I’ve tried pairing them a few times with the same result. Should I just continue pairing and hope eventually he gets it? I don’t want to stress the female out too much. Any tips or tricks to help them along? Thanks!


If you’re comfortable doing so, you can gently help position him in the correct alignment. I usually find that once I get them side-by-side, the male will figure it out. So long as he’s not hurting her, it’s ok to give him a bit of time to figure it out. Best of luck!