Inferno Leo Genetics?

Just got my Inferno leopard gecko. I can’t really find anything about them as far as what type of genes they carry or if they’re linebred. Do Inferno leopard geckos carry any genes (albino, patternless, etc.) or are they just linebred tangerines that give them their color?

They are line bred super hypo tangerines.

Inferno is a line bred leo from Luxurious Leopards. Yes it can carry any or all genes. The only way to find what it’s het for or not het for is by test breeding.
I own about 12 of them. 8 of them were het for Tremper albino, and 1 is het rainwater/Las Vegas albino. Of the eight 2 were also het patternless as well. I test breed them all to find this out. Most of mine are males so it went pretty fast to prove things out.