Info for hets on calculator

It be great in the calculator if you could easily instead of just selecting the morph type or het in general, actually be able to select 50% het, 66% het and so on. This would help with full on test breeding letting people know the chances if a 66% het to 50% het outcome should possibly look like if thats what they are working with and so on. I know its not real relevant to most but it could help out in some cases.

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There have been multiple discussions on this and why it doesn’t necessarily make sense. Mainly because being “het” for a trait is a binary condition, the animal either is or isn’t het. 50% or 66% het just means the percentage chance that the animal does carry that trait, so you basically just run the calculator assuming (A) that the animal is het and then (B) that the animal isn’t. Those are the only options

Possible Het Input to Morph Calculator [#1189]