Infographic on Rhamphiophis

With all the chat around my Rhamphiophis pics I figured I would put this infographic up for people

Credit for this goes to @ntam She has been great about sharing it with people but if you share it along yourself please cite her as the source for it


Great! Thank you! :blush::wink::lizard::snake::frog:

What marvelous little creatures! Those scales are amazing. They remind me of the way a False Water Cobra looks, with big “carp-dragon” style unkeeled, overlapping scales.

How do you find their temperament?


Kind of flighty and prone to being a bit spastic. Also, crazy smart. Tons of personality too. They are very visually oriented and whenever I am in the snake room at least one of them is watching me

They are an active diurnal species so they need a cage to be kept properly, and I would always err on larger whenever possible

They also benefit from enrichment so I use lots of cage hardscape for them to climb over/under/around/through and I frequently play “hide-and-seek” when feeding them. I have also been working on target training with them using a laser pointer. They are also one of the few species I would say could benefit from live feeding (I would use smaller food items for that though)

However, it is also very important to understand that they are opisthoglyphous and there is not a lot of good info on just how medically significant their venom is so they should be kept and handled with care


Oh they sound like fun! If not for my lousy immune system and two snake space limit, I’d be tempted, not gonna lie! Definitely a personality I’d be drawn to.

(I don’t trust my system not to react weird to “rear-fanged” or lesser-known venoms, which is one reason I don’t own even a hognose, cute as they are.)

Thank you! I do hope you continue to share what it’s like to keep these guys. I haven’t seen much about them anywhere but they are fascinating!


There are not a lot of people keeping them. I would say there are maybe a dozen, tops, that are having long-term success