Inkbird thermostat in a pinch?

Hey guys, I have a VE-6 Reptile Basics rack coming in soon and was wondering if an Inkbird thermostat would be good to use for a short time (1-2 month). I’m planning to get a Herpstat, but have some budgeting to do due some unexpected repairs. If so, which Inkbird model would you recommend? I’ve heard the Inkbird ITC-306T was good, but open to any other suggestions.



I personally do not have experience with it. But is it holds the correct temp, then it should work. Even long term. People use homemade ones, and even just a dial to the nget the right temps. Just monitor it to the. Make sure it is holding.


I’ve had an Inkbird bread oven thermostat running my retic cage for 3-4 years with no issue.

The one you listed is rated for 1000w max. A 6 slot rack should be well below that but check your heat tape’s draw to be safe. On off thermostats do wear heat tape out faster but it wears out regardless over time so it’s not the end of the world.