Input on what mom might be throwing

So I had this female sold to me as a normal het clown het ghost , she was paired to both a leopard dh clown pied and a hurricane het clown , all clowns were leopard but she threw this odd blade like leopard clown , this “normal” with a heart head stamp and very clean smooth golden tone, and then the one dark one wondering if got lucky and hurricane or just weird dark normal , opinions on both mom , light colored “normal” as to what gene she may have / if dark one maybe has hurricane


Figured it out got to be fire IMO , fire leopard clowns look like that and that’s what the light off spring looks like , so looks like me female is a fire het clown ,

Dark one is still up for debate , probably just a normal though doubt I would hit one hurricane when all others sired by leopard , possible but unlikely

I’m going with fire as well. Nice looking animals.