Inquiry to buy an animal

I tried to inquire about an animal earlier but my email wouldn’t go through. Below is a screenshot of the error message at the top. Could this be a problem with that particular seller’s email only?


Likely an issue with your app, I’m guessing? If so they’re having issues with iPhones currently. Try the website and it should work!


Can you please tell me:

  • The seller you were trying to send an inquiry to.
  • Rough time you tried to send it.
  • The ad URL.
  • Your device model.

Seller: House Snake Morphs and More
Times tried: 3 or 4 times
URL: ?
My Device: IPHONE 8 (I am old school!). Lol!

@nswilkerson1 I ended up going to the website and successfully ordered the animal. Actually there is a a note on the “inquire to buy” page that says the “store is currently away”, so in retrospect that’s probably why my email inquiry would not go through. Duh! I’m not too smart! Lol!

Also I did send a text to the seller (phone number was on the seller info page) and I got a response from the seller so we are working together on a ship date so all is well.

I think there was a bad storm that affected that area recently……….