Insect control using carnivorous plants

Does anyone ever use natural insect control to eliminate pesky insects?

Since running bioactive enclosures and growing plants for the enclosures, i have had an increase in annoying flying insects attracted to this humidity and subrate.

I was wondering if anyone has experience using carnivorous plants as a natural pest control?

Im going to attempt to grow some carnivorous plants aling with the plants i already raise. This will be my 1st experience attempting this.

I planted my Drosera Capensis ( Cape Sundew ) in a 50% sand 50% Spaghum moss substrate with course sand on top.


So I decided to try these plants but it had minimal effect.

I did not put them in the enclosure and I wouldn’t recommend then in an enclosure.

I kept ours in a conservatory and cabin (where reptiles are kept) however in the cabin it didn’t get enough light and in the conservatory the flies did not go to them, due to the roof glass they just tried to Go through the glass :pensive:

I haven’t given up yet though. I didn’t try them this year, but I hope to next year.

Would love to know how you get on


I have some nice grow lights so hopefully that gives them the light they need. Im definitely not going to place them in an enclosure just on top. Im sure ill need more than one and probably more than one variety to be successful. This is my 1st attempt at raising carnivorous plants and i want to be sure that i am able to keep it alive since carnivorous plants can die easily.

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Yes, I found that I was better at keeping pitcher (I think that’s it’s name) alive but it didn’t really help with the fly situation. But I struggled mostly with Venus fly trap

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I have been growing CPs in some form or other for probably the last three decades and I can tell you with pretty much absolute surety that you cannot really use them for pest insect control.


Glad it wasn’t just me!


I use katchy fly traps and it works great, it’s pretty expensive, but it’s nearly removed the population of fungus gnats and fruit flies I have (it was enough where I could easily kill a dozen in a few minutes and now I only see one every once in a while).


I kinda figured they wouldn’t do much but look pretty, kinda like me :woman_shrugging: :joy:. Jk i was just hoping for some insect control that doesn’t involve the use of chemicals.


There are a lot of effective traps that don’t use chemicals. Most are a scented sticky board and some have a light next to it. The brand I mentioned also has a fan and is much more expensive, but it is very effective. Since you mentioned you have a cat a sticky board likely isn’t a great idea unless you can put it somewhere where your cat can’t get to it.


Yes, my kitty literally get into everything :joy: i will look into the brand or similar that you advised.

Im very weary about using any chemicals that might adversely affact my animals. I don’t use or alliw bleach to be used in my home and definitely no pesticides. So im sure the device is a great option.


Agree 100%. I’ve had the same experience with my past carnivorous plants. They consume much fewer insects than many people realize, and are somewhat delicate in terms of plant care.

I have not tried using one myself, but I’ve heard many positive things about the indoor insect traps that attract flying insects using light. The Youtuber Tyler Rugge discussed them in a video where he went over things he purchased on Amazon that he found were really helpful for reptile husbandry.


Seconding the Katchy. It works quite well. I always get it out whenever I’m having mosquito issues.