Insurance anyone?

Recently Brian Gundy from for-goodness-snakes had 5 snakes stolen, thankfully he has recovered 3 of them. That got me thinking……

Now let’s say you purchase $5 or $10K in snakes. You breed them and over the years you end up with another $5-10K worth of snakes in your collection. Now you have a $10-20K investment setting in your house. If you don’t like calling them investments, then just think of them as $10-20K worth of pets.

What happens if your house burns down, or they are stolen?

Are they covered under home owner’s insurance or is there an additional insurance coverage available?

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They are not matter of fact some insurance company will even cancel your policy if you do have snakes (makes it high risk)

They can however be covered as live stocks by some companies just like farmer’s live stocks.

For many breeders if it’s gone it’s gone and a total loss as insurance is not as easy and affordable as one may think.

I was afraid that was going to be the answer. I did investigate it a little. I was hoping there was something helpful out there that I wasn’t aware of yet.

Might want to look into floater insurance, but @stewart_reptiles is spot on. Some insurance companies won’t deal with snakes, or other animals. I had to switch home owners insurance because I had what they deemed as “two aggressive dog breeds”; ie. Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd. If I had stayed with that insurance company they were adding an additional $1200 on top of everything else just because of the dogs.

Do through research, and if you really want to know call up a local sales agent and just ask them point blank “I am/going to be a snake breeder and wanted to know if my snake collection would be protected against theft or disasters, etc.”