Interested in Burmese Python

Hi, I am interested in Burmese pythons. I cared for a beautiful Albino that grew to about 7 feet until circumstances forced me to give her to the care of another. She’s bigger now and in good hands. I am really just beginning in my knowledge but I am interested in acquiring another Albino Burmese as a pet now that I have the means and a permanent home. I hope to learn where I might be able to unite with a respectable breeder. Thanks, I hope to learn as much as possible about the breed and info on care.

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Welcome :grin:

As you already know, Burmese pythons get ridiculously long and live a long life span, so before even looking for your pet I’d suggest making sure you have ALL your equipment ready and set up well before choosing your future life buddy. The easier it is to re-home him the better and quicker your future bond will grow.
I don’t know if you are set up or not but just a heads up.

As for giving you a good recommendation, all I can say is look at people reviews on , check out their Facebook and Google their name and company name.

  1. look for the snake you want… Do you want a male/female… Which morph… And so on.

  2. check its price.

  3. check the sellers rating.

  4. Google their company.

  5. search Facebook/Instagram for their name.

  6. if your happy message them, if not go back to step 1.

  7. respond quickly to any replies you receive, whether you would like to proceed or not.

  8. sort out payment.

  9. wait for delivery.

  10. be super happy for many years to come and make sure to give feedback on your purchase.

Remember some new breeders without feedback could be pure quality and some could be nothing but glittery turds.