Interesting clutch just crawled out

The pairing was Firefly Leopard Mojave x Normal. Starting to think mom may not have been a normal at all. This clutch came out pretty striped. Even the “normal” Mojaves have almost full back stripes. I included pics of mum and dad. I do not think the striping was from dad at all as he sired another clutch that had barely any stopping at all. I’ve included a pic of that clutch as well. That pairing was dad to an Enchi female.


This is fairly common for a lot of the bel genes.


Interesting that it only happened in one clutch sired by that same male.


The female is definitely just a normal.


Your other clutch was to an enchi female which is a pattern reducer. Even her non enchi babies may be more of a non striped phenotype.

I’m in complete agreement here.

I don’t hatch a lot of mojave but almost all the lesser stuff I hatch is striped. Mojave is what is causing the dorsal striping in your clutch. I don’t believe personally you have anything else going on. Super nice clutch either way congratulations!

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