Interesting line bred spider pied babies

When breeding pied reticulated pythons i noticed how drastically selective breeding can impact white percentage and distribution and I’ve been enjoying playing with this in pied ball pythons for a while now. In combos like spider pied, when most people believe spider pieds can only be super high white this is particularly interesting. I’ve been selectively breeding spider pieds as a side project since i started working with pieds. One group towards as much pattern as possible and one towards as little as possible producing many with only the head cap. With a little luck as always, this season is producing some very interesting results.
Here’s a nice banana spider pied with some proper pattern starting to come through. I can’t wait to cross some other genes into this combo.

And here’s a nice high white animal thats something between a coconut pied and a regular spider pied,


Healthy looking little ones! Very beautiful :slight_smile:

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Beautiful! I’d love to see spider pieds with more pattern.

Beautiful animals. I am a big fan of spieds. With a little luck I’ll be producing more myself middle of August. With even more luck my 5 year project will come full circle, and prove. Trying a long shot at hypo pieds and honey bee pieds :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I would love to hatch out patterned spieds.

interesting , I have been doing the same thing with the Black pastel piebalds and albino Piebalds have seen the pandas and albino piebalds from those breeding’s get higher and higher color/ white as a result as well .
Line breeding in Piebalds Multi generational makes the amount of white genetic is genetic … but it can be detrimental as well if not out bred to an extent