Introduced these 2

Ok so My Pure Darwin Albino Male and my Carmel Jag female share a split tank. No contact with each other but they were both basically by the wall acting like the want to get together. I have not decided if I want to breed her yet (no evidence of wobble, but still a jag) so instead I figured I would put him in with my female Jungle. She is bigger anyway and looking very round at the moment. first pic is as close as they got the first 4 or 5 hours. Very tentative but when I got home from work they were coiled together. No visual copulation. I separated them once and put them back together. got some rubbing and courtship behavior but the pics were even worse than the ones I posted. Sorry wanted to show people what that looks like. any way they are apart again now, I will try and get more pics or maybe a video when I put them back together. I am NOT a photographer and tend to take crappy pics. maybe these will be enjoyable anyway.


I have serious questions about the alleged ID on that “Caramel Jag”

That isn’t the caramel jag. He said he paired the Darwin Albino male to Jungle female.

Fair point… I missed that bit there LOL

Lol I did too at first, then re-read it and was like “ooooh”

Sorry if that was confusing, The Caramel Jag girl is probably ready too, but not sure if I want to go ahead with that pairing or not. I got her with the intention of making her a pet, not a breeder.

Caramel Jag girl just for fun.