Introducing Eastern Geckos

I just wanted to take a quick moment and share a couple pictures of my first babies of the 2023 year.

Thanks for Looking
We are based of the East Coast of Canada and ship nation wide. Eggs are still in the incubator with only a hand full to great the world since January 2023 Zelda is still Laying her last few from the 2022 season. In short much is still to come. Tag along as we deveope and share how we prepare for the 2024/2025 Breeding season in 2023.

How does one go about with a serious breeding project with out getting in over their heads? Is the common question these days.
Through out the months to come I hope to open up how we breed our animals how and why we keep animals the way we do. From Egg to Client step by step.
The Entierty of The Eastern Geckos Project will be presented piece by piece here on MorphMarket .

Because we can. Because the Reptile Community must never again fall victime to the social media black outs created by trying to engage or stay engaged with all aspects of the hobby up to and including the trade aspect of things.

Mostly because it is fun.
It is Hard Work, Sacrifice, Inspiration & Dedication all desguised as… Fun!

Follow allong as we show you how much fun we have over here In
New-Brunswick, Canada :dizzy:


Welcome to the family!


Hi and welcome to our family. Absolutely feel free to share as many pictures as you want and we would greatly appreciate it because we love pictures of animals. as you get more and more plugged in here, you’ll notice how wonderful people are. This place is not like other forum or Facebook, it is truly a place where you as a keeper will be respected and encouraged in this hobby. Can’t wait to see you around.



Nice to have some more Crestie people here :star_struck::lizard::black_heart:


That little crestie is just the cutest little thing! Welcome to the family! This place is just the best! As @lumpy said, we love pictures! :blush::lizard:


Lill cutie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome :grin:

Can’t wait for more from you :+1:


We are watching these 2 closely we have produced non Lilly versions of these geckos in past years. All I could say was man I cant wait to see a lilly version of these genetics.

We started as such a low level Gecko keepers.
We grabed a $75 baby off kijiji grabed another $100 Animal (ZERO) a few days latter. Next thing I know the wife pickes up a $75 Animal (CAMO) followed quickly by a $65 Animal (KIWI)

Now I Guess this is where I let you in on a secrete I am a certifed Vet Assistant with a serious interest in exotic animals since the cradle so to speak. I Have worked with large animals swam with gators just to clear my head. I am that dude.

So I am looking at these little dinosaures and now I have a few different ones I start looking into what these things are.
You see I was a snake guy all my life. Mutations, locals, natural history all these things come second nature to me.

I start looking into all of it I was like 'hey babe did you know these things were just rediscovered in 1994."
‘‘Hey Babe did you know’’ became the house mantra for months to come.
Reptile Keeping 101 you get obsessed very obessed.

I start planing breeding projects to see if I can complete a ful season start to finish. No problem I master the art of producing mut mixes.
I noticed something tho I noticed that I had a 100% Parturition rate I expected 14 eggs and I got 14 eggs all fertile That was cool. I also noticed I was holiding a 97% hatch rate I lost only 3 eggs also very cool.

So I said to my sell “I said self…” and I knew it was me I recognized the voice.
I said self none of these geckos hold monetary value. Clearly we can make gekos so much so that we had to put the brakes on production in order to create quality geckos with out creating a overwhelming number of mouths to feed. We need to Inject Quality into the breedings and so the search beguins. The search will last 3 weeks and cost $500 at Pet smart.
I swear I was just going in to buy a cage but the cage was empty and that never ends well with me.
I walk by this cage and this little fire cracker is standing out in the corner of my eye this little Crested Gecko caugh my attention just like the pastel ball python and sunglow boa did to me so many years ago. This little thing is just bouncing everywhere full of energy pet store just received it 2 days prior they had no time to compromise the animals health yet.

I asked to see it, they did not want to take it out for fear of loosing it. After chating them up they opened the cage and I saw everything I was missing in the collection A Full Pinstripe Cream and White so I paid the bill and left thinking of how I was going to explain my actions to the wife. We will save that for another post.

That fire Cracker Grew up we named her Buttercup she was bread to Camo she gave us Jax with some bonus extra genetic power. She delivered only one Animal like Jax he is a Soft Scale Full Pinstripe Olive Tricolor (Green/Black, Orange and White. An amazing power house male gecko was born.
It goes with out saying we kept him for a while and bread him to a few females to be sure the soft scale gene is carying over as a co-dominant or a resecive genetic atribute.
But this time I was not wasting the breeding Remember my hatch rate stats. as soon as I pegged the soft Scale as a Co-Dominant Mutation we contacted a breeder and shipped in a Lilly White it was sold to us as a Male I needed a Female but This Lilly had everything I wanted except the right parts I figured I would breed it and keep a female in order to Breed Jax to it, But this suposed male never droped Cresticles.

Our Lilly was in fact Female (ZELDA) needless to say we were happy to move that breeding up a full year. That year was last year. Those babies pictured above are the product of a Jax X Zelda Pairing.

This is a Updated Picture of the same animals.

Baby Jax

Sexy Jax

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The Eastern Geckos Project


Ooooo I love soft scales, I’m hoping mine will lay fertile eggs this year :crossed_fingers: I want a super soft scale to eventually breed with my Lilly whites :crossed_fingers:

Great read :+1:


I have had my mad scientist hat on a lot lately.
My hold backs are all Soft Scales Jackson (Jax’s Son) is a young male gecko we hatched out prior to these 2 little ones has grown to show great potential.

Jackson is a Soft Scale Pistripe Olive Tri-Color Lilly White and just like before something new taged allong he is a drippy Lilly White. Don’t worry you don’t have to imagine it he looks Like This…

Kind Reguards
Thanks For reading
The Eastern Geckos Project


This is so amazing :star_struck: I saw my first soft scale Lilly white in 2019 and straight away knew I wanted one (those were not for sale). But I haven’t seen one since :scream: I don’t think they are very popular here (UK) but that’s not stopping me.

I’m really interested to see what the soft scale gene does.

I’m loving the names :grin: