Introducing Super Pastel Drip

A little surprise from one of our pairings this year. This appears to either be incomplete dominant, with this being the “super form” or polygenic. Named dually for the drippy appearance of the pattern and because she’s got that drip!

Her clutch mates also appear to share characteristics of the mutation with her, but not to this extreme.

Pairing was Super Pastel VPI Axanthic Genetic Stripe x Pastel Het Genetic Stripe, PH VPI Axanthic. There are no other known phenotypes that could result from the pairing than Super Pastel.


Absolutely top shelf clutch @greenswampherp! Congratulations! And what a surprise little girl!!! :100::white_check_mark:


Those are very impressive! I’d love to see more photos and background info if you care to share! I love a cool story, thank you for sharing your photos.


The pairing was Super Pastel VPI Gstripe x Pastel het Gstripe pos het VPI
First which one do you think is carrying the Drip gene? The sire or dam? Also I would love to learn more about it!

Thank you,
Jacob Schaefering