Introducing "Valkyrie"!

I produced and sold this female pure OS line Argentine Boa Constrictor (BCO) last year. I didn’t keep any holdbacks from this litter, which came from my two favorite snakes. I really regretted this. Well, as fate would have it, her owner had to relocate suddenly and could not take her with him. She just arrived back at my place today. I intend to raise and breed her, and I’m thinking about getting an additional male to go with her. It will be very interesting to see how her adult coloration turns out. Welcome home Valkyrie!


Always very cool when snakes come back like that! You don’t often get a second chance at a holdback.


Yes, I feel very lucky!


I wish that would happen to me on these girls from 2 seasons ago.


I love how similar high pink Argentines look to Dumerils

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I actually have a pair of Dwarf Dumeril’s as well, and they are awesome.

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