Introduction from H&H Pythons

Hello everyone, it is great to be part of this amazing community.! I started my ball python journey not long ago and am looking forward to starting up my breeding program next year.
I along with my boyfriend are looking forward to this amazing journey ahead. We are located in the flint Michigan area.
I am also on Instagram as HiggsPythons and would love to see your beautiful snakes in my feed.


Welcome to the community @hhpythons! It’s so exicting that you and your boyfriend found a really unique and engaging hobby like BP breeding together! I can’t wait to see y’alls future clutches on the forums. I just tried to find you to follow on instagram, but it says HiggsPythons cannot be found? Did you change your name to something else? I will definitely follow you on your journey (I’m still a newbie to owning ball pythons, ha-ha). I’ll be following from my snake account @ ak.morphs


Yes I did its hhpythons on there as well now

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@hhpythons Welcome!!! Just North of a lot of us here in Indy!

Hope you’re giving your BPs filtered or conditioned water, lol! Could have a TMNT situation if you give them Flint tap water who knows.


We have well water at my house lol. Thanks for the warm welcome!


we have our first clutch! Paring was pinstripe X who’s your daddy
1.banana pastel
2. Citrusfly
3. Enchi


We had our second cluch drop there due to pip Oct 23.!