Introduction PNW Colubrid

Hi my name is Josh and i Breed Colubrids, I’m Still slowly figuring out how to get morphmarket to work for me, developing a store policy that isn’t overbearing and makes sense with my pricing and skill level i believe would help answer questions not related to individual snake care and make for more seamless transactions with potential customers. Also I’m located in a pretty cold climate so i unfortunately have a considerably longer window during the year i can not ship because its to cold so figuring out a way to communicate that ahead of time would also really help i think. Any help or advice for a good policy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking


Welcome to the community Josh! I believe on your store front on MM you can list your shipping policies.


I also live in a part of the country where I cannot ship for four months every year. In my store policy section, I simply state that I only ship if the weather is between 40 and 90 degrees on both ends. Since a seller’s location is available to all buyers, this helps customers understand what constraints I have. I actually have a lot of customers who purchase animals from me during the colder months and wait to have them shipped in the spring. These winter sales are a large part of my business, since most of the animals I breed are born in the fall.

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