Introduction post how our hobby grew and took over

Hi all my name is Hazel and I am in my seventies, and about 2014 I purchased my first geckos. Crested geckos, then I bought 2 Uroplatus Phantastics. They were amazing. I then bought some Leopard Geckos and had to learn about pinworms and feeding them by mouth under the watchful eye of my vet. As they were underweight when I got them. So I started using breeders to get my animals. The Leos and the crested geckos bred, and we had some amazing animals. We had Giant Day Geckos and Gargoyles next. I waited a couple of years for them to be big enough to breed. I obtained Electric Blues and Gonioursaurus Orientals and they also started breeding. I was given a pair of Tokay, and was told they were geckos. (I thought crested geckos as he had them) Following on I got some Pictus and Mourning geckos and some Phelsuma Klemmeri, we moved the giant day geckos out as they grew into 2 males, and were better for other peoples breeding programs. Now we moved on to Chahoa Main Island red ones and now some PI Pink Line ones from another breeder. We have no room now but a lovely collection of geckos. Hope that you found our journey interesting, and if you want to know more about our terrariums they are all bio active and fully planted apart from the Leos. Our frames are very stable also and we measured carefully and planned it out to get best use from them. Always willing to share with you.


Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have quite a collection.


Welcome! I love how your reptile rooms are designed so that not only are the insides of the enclosures beautiful, but the whole room is.


Thankyou Randall I love all my geckos and they repay me with teaching me lot about them. I sit and watch them as relaxation and am amazed by all their different ways.

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Thankyou Garciade, I wanted it to look good for us and them. The crested geckos do jump for the vines now and then which makes me laugh, as I can catch them again, and funny to see them enjoying the vines too.


Your setups are gorgeous! Welcome to the forum! So far all of my reptiles have been geckos as well. I’ve kept leopard geckos since 2002, but other species only more recently. I think I have 5 or 6 leos that turned 19 years old this year and some of them haven’t even slowed down yet.

Is keeping the U. phantasticus as difficult as I’ve heard? Though I love them and had hoped to be able to keep one, I had kinda given up on the idea because of their fragility. I was thinking of U. ebenui instead, as I’ve heard anecdotally that they are hardier.

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Thank you M Blaney. I kept the Phants for many years and recently my last male died. They are fragile and you have to keep them out of draughts, but when one of mine was injured I took him to the vet and held him while the vet performed an operation on his rear end. He had poison in there due to the female biting him, I worked on him for half an hour each evening, rinsing the injury with Iodine in water, washing it off and getting him to take his medicine, Baytril in honey water. Honestly six months of holding him and feeding him and he recovered, so they are not so fragile. He lived out his life with his female and no more issues. But I have given up as I can not get hold of them so easily now. And space is at a premium. We had a couple of babies and although larger than Electric Blues they were not strong enough and did not survive. This really upset me and made me decide to stop with them.

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M Blaney your Leos sound amazing. I have 17 leos and some want to breed right now they almost jump out at me to get to the females. But I have no more space this year. So they are having to wait too.

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I feel a little bad correcting you on this, but that’s not my first name. My username is my whole last name, which is spelled out like Garcia De Mueller. I appreciate you trying though, my name is a bit of a hard one.

Welcome, your home of Reptiles looks amazing and you have such a variety too :grin:

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Thank you for the correction, I shall remember next time, just do my best. I was just collecting a little baby, running around the parent enclosure, I must have missed the egg, but it is safely in a start up container now. Love the hobby the geckos are so amazing.

Foxreptile Thank you. I am just getting ready for bed and I go around before checking all the reptiles, and have just recovered a baby from the parent terrarium. I photograph each one and give them a unique number , so I know hatch date, parents, and the baby. This number with photo goes into my records so I can always identify each one. The number followa them here always. I wonder how all of you manage yours?

I have a spreadsheet with all the info there. I only breed crested Geckos and ball pythons and is a recent thing, so I find it easy to do ATM. Plus I LOVE so spreadsheets.

I’ve had reptiles for many years, but last year was my first year breeding and I’m only doing a few at a time. Then I’m putting info on tub which will follow them until I decide if they are keepers or not.

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I have mine in spreadsheets too, separate ones for each type of reptile, so easy that way. The number follows them to the purchaser, so if they want another I can get what they want, either from the same parents or no relationship to their original one.