Introduction Post - Our little collection!

Hi! I’ve been lurking for a bit, and figured it may be time to post more since we have a few reptiles to share… :sweat_smile:

I’m Wren, and we just launched our small reptile business in BC, Canada: Herbs and Herps! Currently, we are selling mainly isopods, however, we are planning on breeding a small variety of reptiles. We, so far, are planning on breeding ball pythons, cape house snakes, Mexican black kingsnakes, crested geckos, corn snakes, but with a strong focus on plains hognose snakes. Many of our reptiles are rescues or rehomes! :lizard: :snake: :bug:

We all work in the VFX industry (from home), and I currently work the graveyard shift so my schedule is very lopsided. But, it means I have plenty of time to work on hobby-related things!

I apologize if this is gonna be long-winded, but this is the first time I’ve introduced our collection directly to the reptile community (not just regular social media). Without further ado, meet the kiddos! :confetti_ball: :raised_hands: :confetti_ball:


MILO - 1.0 Lesser Ball Python (Our first boy!)

WESTLEY - 1.0 Pastel Banana Enchi Woma '19 (Father of a hopeful 2022 clutch)

RIPLEY - 0.1 Pastel '17 (Rescue - In shed / Mom to the hopeful clutch!)
Ripley came from not the best background, and was kept in very poor conditions. She’s absolutely covered in scars from rat bites because the previous owner used to love (they said love) to watch her kill live rats (up to 5x a week). She’s doing so much better now!


ANDROMEDA - 0.1 Normal het Albino '19 (Produced by Superior Serpents)

ICARUS - 1.0 T-(?) Albino '20 (Produced by Superior Serpents, not related to Andromeda)


ADONIS (Donnie) - 1.0 Kahl Sunglow Boa Imperator’19

AMARA - 0.1 Brazillian Rainbow Boa '19

CALLIOPE - 0.1 -T Albino (Central) Motley Boa Imperator '16
Calliope is part of a group of three snakes (Meriadoc and Peregrin) that may have come in contact with crypto-positive snakes in their last home. She has tested negative once, and is getting two more tests before formally leaving quarantine. She also has a few burn(?) scars along her back, but is such a sweet big girl!

ERIS - 0.1 Colombian Rainbow Boa '18

MILITSA - 0.1 Anery Stripe Kenyan Sand Boa '20 (Produced by Gecko Bae)


IRVA - 0.1 Amel (Morphs TBA, currently IDing) '19

KAHLUA - 1.0 (Morphs TBA, currently IDing) '16

TEQUILA - 0.1 Hypo (Morphs TBA, currently IDing) '16
She is quite overweight from her previous home, and we are working on getting it down. She will be paired with Kahlua this year in hopes that we can prove some hets out and get her hips slimmer!


EURYDICE - 0.1 Normal '20 (Bred by Canadian Mouseman, potentially a European bloodline)

ORPHEUS - 1.0 Normal '20 (Produced by Canadian Mouseman)


BANJO - 1.0 Arctic Green Hypo Shadowline '20

JUNIPER - 0.1 Twinspot Axanthic (Possible Arctic, Het Albino) '20

MERIADOC - 1.0 Red Phase Conda '13

PEREGRIN - 1.0 Axanthic (66% Het Albino) '17

QUINCE - 0.1 Extreme Red Albino '21


CROWLEY - 1.0 Zebra Jungle Carpet Python '21


ABOBRINHA - 0.0.1 Halloween '20 (Unfired - Produced by Sea of Scales)

BIQUINHO - 0.0.1 '21 (Hatched and raised by us, unknown sire, dame is Canelinha)

CANELINHA - 0.1 Extreme Harlequin '16
Mom to all our current babies, but the previous owner refuses to give us photos of who she was paired with. Apparently, it was a very red extreme harley, but because we don’t know yet, we are holding back the babies until 10 grams to get a better idea of their lineage.

CAIENA - 0.0.1 '21(Hatched and raised by us, unknown sire, dame is Canelinha)

HABANERA - 0.1 Harlequin Dalmatian '19

PAPRICA - 0.0.1 '21(Hatched and raised by us, unknown sire, dame is Canelinha)

PIMENTINHA - 0.1 Olive Harlequin Super Dalmatian '19 (Not fully fired)

TAJIN - 0.0.1 '21(Hatched and raised by us, unknown sire, dame is Canelinha)

TBA - 0.0.1 Lily White '21 (Produced by Rhac Attack Reptiles, being shipped in April. Whisper x Boo, pictures from breeder.)


MOURNING GECKOS - A colony of 4 adult females, currently with 7 hatchlings (housed separately)

SAFFRON - 0.0.1 Gargoyle Gecko '20


GNOCCHI - 0.0.1 Samurai Ornate Pac-Man Frog '21

GUAPO - 0.0.1 Apricot Pac-Man Frog '20 (Produced by Mostly Just Geckos)


Too many to post all their pictures, but I have all the isopod species I keep on my website! We are currently breeding mealworms, crickets, melanogaster fruitflies, and over 15 types of isopods. We also have two jumping spiders (Phidippus regius/audax)!

Thank you so so much for reading! I look forward to participating more in this community, albeit I may forget to respond occasionally! You can find on other sites down below, but absolutely no pressure :sparkling_heart: :blush:



Welcome, what a lovely reptile/amphibian family you have there. We’re happy to have you !


You have a beautiful collection! Your MBKs are gorgeous!


Very nice assortment of critters! I really love the names you’ve chosen too!


Welcome, your snakes are amazing! I especially love the house snakes, crested geckos, mourning geckos, and gargoyle gecko.
I just checked it out and I love the website. I might have to get some more isopods. :wink:



What a beautiful collection! Thank you so much for rescuing! :purple_heart: I know it’s not easy with herps!

@erie-herps I think I also need some more isopods!!! :wink:


@wren_jvl welcome to our community! I love all of your snakes, but I really like you boas as I am a boa person. I hope that you enjoy it here. I am happy that you chose this community to be plugged into. Welcome again!


Great collection! Welcome!


Thank you for such a warm reception!!! :pleading_face: :sparkling_heart:
I haven’t been in the hobby too long, but the pandemic really made me hyperfixate on it and I’m so happy I can share!

Aww!!! Thank you so so much!! I’m always open to questions/orders/conversations, I usually respond the quickest via Instagram. Currently, because of the weather our shipping is closed, but I’m hoping to open it up in the spring! I want to figure out shipping to the US, but Canadian orders should be good in the spring! :blush: :sparkling_heart:

Honestly, I love rescuing! I wish we had more space for it because most neglected animals in my area are bigger snakes. We took in our boa, Calliope, and because of the potential crypo issue, we’ve been unable to upgrade her enclosure (in case of contamination). But once she’s clear we are going to absolutely SPOIL HER!


For some reason, I can’t edit the main post again, but I made a mistake! These two are not bred by Superior Serpents, but actually Slithers and Critters! (Just wanted to give credit where it’s due!)


Welcome to the community!


Welcome to the community, you have a lovely collection.

I love Cresties and I had been saving, then when lockdown hit I went on a spending spree :sweat_smile: it was hard to resist when so many were available :slightly_smiling_face:

Reptiles make great pets :grin:


Beautiful animals! That T neg house snake is :fire:


Welcome to the community! I absolutely love your collection! Especially that carpet python, your boas and those hognoses.


Welcome! Lovely family you’ve got there. I also enjoyed the names. (Also, used to have a caramel corn snake named Calliope :blush:.) I always put a lot of thought into my animals’ monikers and enjoy learning what others choose.


Welcome officially to the community! I’m so happy you aren’t lurking anymore. If you were I’d never see your beautiful collection. Such an awesome variety going on. All are gorgeous! Do you have a favorite? I know that might be a tough question :see_no_evil:


Honestly, same! Expect it was when we moved to a bigger house during lockdown and finally had enough space to dedicate to reptiles!

I honestly love naming themes! All of our cresties are technically my partner’s, who’s from Brazil, so all of them are named after brazillian portuguese words for different spices! We got naming themes that vary from species to species! :blush: :sparkling_heart:

Omg, definitely tough… I will say, visually at least, my favourite python is our BRB Amara, favourite colubrid is Juniper our Axanthic hoggie, and fave gecko is Abobrinha the halloween (although with our Lily White coming soon, that might change lol)!


Love this! I use themes in naming my corn snakes, too. For instance, one of my first females was named Tulip for her head stamp. Her offspring that I’ve kept are named for varieties of tulips which are similar colors. I also try to choose names fitting for their personalities. Sometimes that’s a real challenge, but sometimes it’s a breeze.


I love this too :grin: I have coffee themed names for my Cresties :yum:


Hi! Welcome! First off your photos are amazing! And your collection is insane! :heart_eyes: it’s awesome that you rescue. All animals deserve loving homes.