Introduction post to morphmarket

Thought I’d give a (semi short lol) introduction post! My names Yevgeny, I’m a 22yo dude and have been owning reptiles since I moved out at 18. Im located in rancho cucamonga for the time being and hoping to move to Portland. Im working as a full time exotic vet tech, been in the business as far as owning snakes for 4 years. I’ve pretty much dedicated a big chunk of my life and income to make sure my reptiles have the best care. I religiously use pvc reptile racks and cages (shoutout to chris from herptastic reptiles and freedom breeder!) to house my snakes and find them the most effective. Genetics are my special interest, and I prefer to keep larger constrictors compared to balls. I like their personality and attitudes a lot more. I do own a couple balls though, some are too pretty to pass up! (I’ve got a super mojo and paradox pastel pied) I specialize in knowledge regarding retics, gtps, boas

and ball python genetics/breeding/localities/patterns and care! Im slowly learning about venomous, no intention to own one yet- just love studying their genetics and behavior/mating rituals. My dream snake is a leucistic naja kaouthia. Im pretty much only looking to buy atm but I do want to breed next year once I get everything ready. Perhaps I’ll have some snakes avaliable in the future. I just recently bought a SD 25% goldenchild het ogs het gstripe from sunglow serpents in auction, she comes in on Wednesday! (Pictute in post)


Gorgeous snake. Welcome to morphmarket!

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Stunning mate. Welcome :+1:

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