Hi, I’m Clara. I have always loved animals of all kinds, and got my first corn snake (Niles Louhiss Abner Logsdon I) in late 2019. I thought I’d only have one snake until I rescued Betty Maize (another corn snake, who I recently found out is female thanks to genetic testing!). After that came Mordecai (a pueblan milk snake), Otis Mojave, and Ophilia Fawn Hissbisscuss (two western hognose snakes.). I travel a lot in my RV with my family, which my snakes are thankfully very tolerant of.
So far we have volunteered over 2000 hours at Bahia Honda state park, a beautiful park in the Florida Keys where I work with bird rescues and sea turtle nest monitoring, as well as keeping the park clean.
I hope to breed my two hognose snakes soon, and joined this group mainly to learn how to best do that, so any advice is appreciated.


Welcome to the community! Sounds like you are living an adventure in Florida to me! I will let the professional hognose people help you out, that is a species I personally don’t have experience breeding. Just wanted to welcome you and say you have some beautiful snakes! We all love pics here!


Hey there Clara! Wavin atcha even though you can’t see me! Lol! Sounds like you live an amazing lifestyle! Welcome to the family! Your snakes are really nice! I love their names too! Very original!

I am not a breeder but you will for sure get plenty of advice from others here to get your breeding project going. So glad to have you here Clara! Best wishes to you! :snake::blush:


Welcome to the community! I love the names of your snakes, and I also love Bahia Honda. So cool to be able to camp there and have such gorgeous water right there!