Is anyone going to the Anaheim reptile show?

Is anyone going to the Anaheim reptile show July 9th&10th?

I was thinking of going as I’ve never been to a reptile show ever. I grew up in Orange County and live in LA but am in the process of moving back. LA isn’t too far away so i can take public transportation.

If anyone is going to go perhaps we can meet up there ( this is a friends only thing) and enjoy the show and grab some lunch, as a native to Orange county i can also direct you to places to eat or you can visit the Reptile zoo in Fountain Valley maybe see Jay Brewer there. Let me know if anyone is going id love to go. ( hope this is not a post im not allowed to post)


The shows are very fun… we are thinking about going, but we aren’t posting yet.

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I might! I’m just a couple hours north of there. Though my car is old and temperamental, so I’ll have to see how she’s feeling and if I think she’ll be able to make the trip without stranding me. I’d love to go, though. I almost went to the one in Pasadena a few months back, but Omicron was in full swing then, and I work with a lot of high-risk people and we were already having a lot of cases at my work, so I decided against it.

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I totally relate, i have respiratory issues that came from the service and i would not doubt my autoimmune issue is a result of that too. I got the virus in jan and was very sick for 3 months still feeling icky. I was wanting to go and if i can do it safely, i know in OC many do not wear masks. I always do because i have to yry and protect myself best i can. Ive never been to a reptile show and would love to see all the amazing animals maybe i will just go a couple hrs.

My family and I will be there on Saturday. The Reptile Super Show is amazing and I know you’ll be in for a treat. A lot of ball pythons but you’ll still get some variety due to the sheer size of the show. It’ll be packed, so be prepared.

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Don’t forget to use Events to find who’s going :wink: